Education Technology

Down on the Farm(s)

Activity Overview

Students graph data for human population growth versus the number of farms to investigate the relationship between urban expansion and disappearance of green space.

Before the Activity

Brainstorm with your students by asking them what current trends of land use they have observed. Ask them their opinions of these trends; the pros and cons.
Research the data for your location on the web or obtain records from your county extension agent. If time permits, have your students do the research.

During the Activity

Complete the attached activity.

After the Activity

Activity extension
Correlate this activity to current trends in food produce. Collaborate with agriculture, biology, business and social studies teachers to gain further insight on the following:

  • GMOs
  • Organic/Natural Foods
  • Availability of foods vs areas of the country/world
  • Divide students into groups and have them research different areas of the country/world and compare their results.