Education Technology

Beating Hearts

Activity Overview

In this activity, students will do three different exercises and use the CBL 2TM with a heart rate monitor to measure your heart rate in beats per minute (BRM) while you exercise. Then they will compare their heart rate when they are resting to their heart rate as they exercise.

Key Steps

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    Students use a heart rate monitor to investigate the effect of exercise on the heart rate. Students will record the beats per minute readings as the Datamate program displays them on the TI-73 Explorer™.

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    Once the data is collected, students will calculate the average heart rate for their resting heart rate and the three exercises they completed. They will enter the activity types in a categorical lists and the average heart rate in another.

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    Using the data, students will setup and view a bar graph. They will determine if there was a general trend for each type of exercise and calculate the difference between the mean BPM and their resting heart rate. Students will make a conclusion about their pulse rate and how much it increased/decreased.