Education Technology

Cutting the Great Pumpkin Down to Size

Activity Overview

After reading the picture books. "Cut Down to Size at High Noon" by Scott Sunday, students create a picture of a pumpkin by plotting points on the graphing calculator. Students then determine how to decrease the pumpkins size by half.

Before the Activity

Students will logon to NavNet and select Activity Center.

During the Activity

1.The teacher will send the ordered pairs (list 1 and list 2) for the pumpkin through TI-Navigator.
2.Students will exit NavNet and turn on Plot 1 to graph the pumpkin.

3. Student will set the window by selecting Zoom- ZoomStat

4.Students must decide how to decrease the size of the pumpkin by 1/2.

5. In LIST- students go to L3 and L4 and enter the new values.

6. Students turn on Plot 2 for L3 and L4. Graph the new pumpkin.

After the Activity

Students discuss methods to enlarge pumpkin.