Education Technology

Perfect Squares Practice

Activity Overview

Making sure that high school students can recite the squares of the numbers 1 - 25 is an important number fluency skill. The two LearningCheck files will provide a quick way to practice and access a student's ability with the multiplication facts.

Before the Activity

Practice the multiplication facts, 1^2 - 25^2 with the students prior to using the second LearningCheck file as an assessment.

The Word/PDF document provides some worksheet practice for students if desired.

During the Activity

Use the first LearnCheck to practice the squares in order.
The second LearnCheck has the squares mixed up. To make more mixed up practices, just rearrage the order of one of the original LearnChecks.

After the Activity

A possible extension could be editing the documents to differentiate between problems like -8^2 and (-8)^2.