Education Technology

Operations of Signed Numbers( focus on vocabulary)

Activity Overview

This activity will explore operations on integers with a focus on different vocabulary used to describe changes in signs and changes in operations.

Before the Activity

Before the activity have the group brainstorm and record on paper various words that can be assigned positive and negative values (i.e. decrease-, increase+).
Also have the students include a picture of the word to verify the sign.

During the Activity

With a partner, read the problems and identify the "signed" vocabulary words.
Work the problem using a graphing calculator and write out the abstract statement that solved the problem.
Use the answer and a different vocabulary word to write a sentence explaining the answer. The teacher should monitor and assist the students as they work. Depending on the student level(s) the teacher may wish to model with one of the problems first.

After the Activity

Revisit the vocabulary brainstorm charts and discuss any changes that were discovered. Also add any more words that were thought of in the process of working the problems.
Students should share their favorite problem and answer combination. To close the activity use the vocabulary words from brainstorming to create new problems individually or in groups.