Education Technology

Finding Slope with a LearnCheck quiz

Activity Overview

Using the Activity Center, students will explore the characteristics of linear functions in the form y=mx+b. The major focus will be identifying slope and y-intercept.

Before the Activity

Students should have prior exposure to the concepts of linear functions in the form y=mx+b.

During the Activity

  1. Launch Navigator, start the session and have students log into NavNet on their calculator
  2. Ask students to go to the Activity Center of the Navigator
  3. Type the equation y= 4x + 7 into the equation on the Activity Center and display the line graph for the class to view (do not allow students to see the equation)
  4. Use Quick Poll to ask students what they think is the slope and the y-intercept of the displayed equation.
  5. Display and discuss the submissions. Use class discussion to further understanding of the concept. Continue the discussion until you feel that all students understand the correct slope (4) and y-intercept (7) for the equation.
  6. Configure one equation for each student and ask students to submit the equation for the line graph that is displayed (y = 4x+7).
  7. When all students have sent an equation, stop the activity. Display the lines and discuss the accuracy.
  8. Clear the activity data and once again configure and send each student one equation in Activity Center.
  9. Ask students to submit an equation with a positive slope and a negative y-intercept.
  10. Choose 'Graph and Equation' option from the tool bar in activity center to display the graphs and discuss the slopes and y-intercepts.
  11. Ask questions like: What graph is the steepest, flattest? Why? Which graph crosses the y-axis at the highest point, lowest point? Why? How can we make these lines slant in the opposite direction?
  12. Continue in the manner above with several different equations.

After the Activity

  1. Launch Navigator, start the session and have students log into NavNet on their calculator
  2. Send the Finding Slope Learn Check(3B)
  3. Allow students time to answer each question
  4. Collect answers data from student calculators using Class Analysis
  5. Review the data with the class using the Slide Show presentation
  6. This is an excellent time for an open class discussion about the concepts
  7. Use results from the data to decide about further reinforcement or extension of the concepts Extension:
  8. Ask students to write two questions about slopes for a partner to answer. Collect these at the end of class and use some of the questions for your future Learn Checks.