Education Technology

Ordered pair (month, day)

Activity Overview

Students will contribute points in the form of a significant date. (month, day). They will look for vertical and horizontal patterns. Study the list for similiarities and then discover the equation for vertical and horizontal lines.

Before the Activity

If you are using the TI-Navigator System with the TI-73 you will need the attached .pdf file.
This page is designed for my Pre-Algebra class. Review the concept of an ordered pair. Load the Activity settings (monthday1) and ask the students what the ordered pair would represent with the labeled axis.

During the Activity

The activity is designed for the students to contribute a point representing their birth date (m, d). Stop the activity without clearing data and restart to ask for another significant date if you do not see three or four vertical and horizontal patterns. Open list and graph tab and ask for patterns. Make sure show x = is checked in the view menu. Open graph and the equation tab. Teacher elicits the rule for a vertical pattern and enters an equation x = a. See if there are any other vertical line patterns. Have a student enter the rule from your computer (x = a). Load Activity settings (monthday2) and have the students contribute an equation for the horizontal line patterns. Stop the activity and discuss the equations of any vertical or horizontal line.

After the Activity

Send LearningCheck™ document (final month day). Collect and use the slide show to discuss the ordered pairs in relation to the labeled axis. Extension (if time) Clear the data. Load (monthday3). Have the students enter 4 points, one in each quadrant. Load (monthday4) without clearing the data. Have students enter equations of horizontal lines and call on students to enter vertical line equations from your computer.
Send LearningCheck document (vertical and horizontal) for homework or to review the next day. Use the slide show feature.