Education Technology

Classify with Venn Diagrams

Activity Overview

In this activity, students use Venn Diagrams to classify numbers. They will first classify multiples of 3, 5, and 6, deciding where to place the least common multiple. Then, students will use the TI-73 Explorer™ integer division feature to help them classify factors of three different numbers.

Key Steps

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    In this activity, students use Venn diagrams to sort data. Specifically, students use the diagrams to analyze the factors and multiples of different numbers. First, they learn to use the CONST feature to find multiples of numbers more quickly. In the screenshot, the constant is +6.

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    Students use the lcm( and gcd( features to investigate the number relationships in the Venn diagrams. Also, to find the factors of the three numbers given, students can use the integer division feature to show the actual remainder from the division.

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    In the optional TI-Navigator extension, students look at a different placement of circles to show relationships. They will first review their knowledge of Venn diagrams using a Learning Check document.