Education Technology

Graph Sine and Cosine

Activity Overview

Student will use the unit circle coordinates and angles to create the data that they will use to graph the sine and cosine functions and show the data is on the graph of them.

The students will move a point in a graph to manually collect the data needed to make the graph. They will edit spreadsheet shells and use "fill" to finish the spreadsheet. They will use the function command to graph several functions.

Before the Activity

The student should have an idea of the fact that the x coordinates and y coordinates of the point are the cosine and sine values of the angle that created them.

During the Activity

Use the above pdf file and your normal textbook with the tns file "sine.cosine.graph" to have the students find and see the graphs of sine and cosine.

After the Activity

I spent time at the end of the activity to show the students that they can change the 0 in the capture function to a 1 to make the collection of the data automatic so they would get more points of data in the graph.