Education Technology

Chirp, Jump, Scatter

Activity Overview

In this activity, students will find a best fit line for data graphed as scatter plots. Applications of linear relationships provide motivation for students and improve their skills and understanding of finding the equation of a line from two known points. Movable lines make this activity approachable for Algebra 1 students. Students can put into practice what they have learned with extension/homework questions.

Key Steps

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    In the first problem students will move two points A and B to find a line of best fit on a Graphs & Geometry page. They will use the coordinates to calculate the slope and the equation of the line. Using the equations, students will predict the number of chirps for a given temperature.

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    If desired, students can compare their line of best fit with the handheld’s linear regression line by adding both lines to a Data & Statistics page.

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    Students will also look at data sets for the Olympic High Jump and Brian Size vs. IQ. They will determine if they can see a trend just by looking at the data or if there is a trend to the data at all. Each problem is followed with applicable question to get students thinking about the data given.