Education Technology

Pre-Algebra Pre-Assessment

Activity Overview

This is a basic skills pre-assessment quiz for pre-algebra students. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers, fractions, and decimals are assessed. Students will also answer basic questions involving geometry, measurement and integers. Learn what your students know as the year begins.

Before the Activity

This assessment could be used during the first week of school and is an excellent way to introduce the TI-Navigator system to your students and get started in using this powerful teaching tool.

During the Activity

Allow students to work independently on this assessment. I highly discourage the use of additional calculators with this assessment and if used at the beginning of the year students will be unfamiliar with how to exit Navigator to use the calculator features.

After the Activity

Use Class Analysis to review class results. The Slide Show feature will allow you to share the questions and results with the class to facilitate discussion.