Education Technology

Back In Time?

Updated on 02/23/2024

Activity Overview

Students will explore the definition of a function through use of a graph, a set of ordered pairs, and an input-output diagram.

In the last couple of problems and in the extension, students will use a function machine. Students will change the input value on the left and the output value on the right will update each time. Once students reach the goal output, the function will appear in the box and encouragement words appear. Students are to try to determine the function before entering the correct input value.


  • Ordered Pairs
  • Vertical Line Test
  • Domain
  • Input/Output
  • Model
  • Range


About the Lesson

  • Students will explore the definition of a function and how it can be represented using a graph, a table, and an equation.
  • Students will be asked to create their own functions given input/output values and discuss how they discovered these functions.