Education Technology

Triangles and Slope - Is the Triangle Possible?

Activity Overview

Students will construct triangles that match specific criteria. If it is possible to construct the triangle, the students have to construct the triangle and state the slope of each side. If the triangle is impossible to construct, the students must write a detailed explanation as to why it is impossible.

Before the Activity

Teachers will need to review the concept of slope including positive and negative slopes with respect to a graph. In addition, teachers will need to review the attributes of different triangles including right, acute, obtuse, isosceles, and equilateral.

During the Activity

This activity is intended to be student-centered with brief periods of group instructions. You should seat your students in pairs so they can work cooperatively on their handhelds and circulate among them, offering assistance as needed. Also, the document is created for students to answer directly on their handhelds. A teacher might decide to have students write their answers on a separate sheet of paper.

After the Activity

Once finished, the students should compare their findings to their partner's findings. Students should also present their solutions to the class.