Education Technology

Analyzing the 2008 Steelers' Super Bowl Year

Activity Overview

Use the TOUCHPAD Nspire to explore using:
the List & Spreadsheet Page to capture data previously entered as well as insert a column with new data;
the Data & Statistics Page to create and interprete graphs of Dot Plots, Box Plots, and scatterplots.

The learner will also analyze the data using the five number summary, measures of central tendencies, determine the LSRL and use graphs of the residuals and the square of the residuals to verify appropriateness of the y=mx+b regression model.

Before the Activity

Download the TNS file and make it available to students. Make copies of handouts as needed.

During the Activity

AnalysisofSuperBowl2008Champs.doc is the student worksheet. The Teacher's Edition is AnalysisofSuperBowl2008Champs_TE.doc sheet.
The steelers2008.tns appears to be an empty document, but has the points and attendance.

This can be used by Algebra I, Algebra II, PreCalculus, and Statistics (both AP and standard). The Teacher's worksheet gives suggestions for each section.

After the Activity

The ability to have students repeat the exercise on their own with the attendance data gives the teacher the ability to further determine the mastery level of students.