Education Technology

LRAM_RRAM_MRAM -- A Graphical Investigation of how area under a curve is approx with rectangles.

Activity Overview

This activity is designed for the student to investigate how area bounded by a curve and the x-axis can be approximated with areas of rectangles using LRAM, RRAM, MRAM. The student can change the function definition and see the resulting change in areas. The student can change the x-coordinate of the either endpoint of the interval.

Also the student can 'grab' either the left or right endpoint and 'move' it along the x-axis. This will work with just 4 rectangles only.

Before the Activity

The directions are included in the TNS document. Download and send to students before the activity begins.

During the Activity

Students who use this may want the program that I wrote that calculates the LRAM, RRAM, and MRAM for any function, for any interval, and any number of rectangles (within reason). This program does not show the area graphically.