Education Technology

Review of the Coordinate Plane Using TI-Navigator

Activity Overview

This activity uses the TI-Navigator™ system to review key terms related to the coordinate plane, including: the origin, quadrants, x-axis, y-axis. Students also review and practice plotting points on a coordinate grid.

Before the Activity

For this activity, students should already be familiar with: how to log in to TI-Navigator, how to access Activity Center, and how to submit points using the TI-73 when in Activity Center.

During the Activity

At the start of the activity, students should log in to TI-Navigator and the instructor should launch the Activity Center and load the attached settings. Students will be asked to contribute points (they can resubmit them) and in the process, review key terminology associated with the coordinate plane.
First, have all students move their cursor so they are positioned in Quadrant 1. Student cursors can be individualized by going into the "View" menu. This helps students identify where they are. Have students mark their point in Quadrant 1. You can now ask students what they notice about all the points in Q1. [Note: if you switch to list-graph mode, this may be easier for students to see].
Next, have students move their cursors to Quadrant 2, mark their position and identify what they notice. Continue this for Q3 and Q4 so that students realize the relationship between the quadrants and the corresponding x- and y- values. [Note: you can clear the data between quadrants if you choose].
Now that students are familiar with the quadrants, we'll look at the axes. Have students move to the x-axis and mark a point. What do they notice about the coordinates when they are on the x-axis? Repeat for the y-axis.
Finally, have the students meet you at the origin and have them note the coordinates for this point.

After the Activity

Students should now be familiar with key terminology relating to the coordinate grid. Revisit these terms during the next couple of classes to remind students and check for retention.