Education Technology

Pattern Blocks Polygon Inventory

Activity Overview

This activity uses pattern blocks to build an algebraic equation with 6 unknowns by defining a unit for conversion of the unknowns and then determining an inventory value for the collection of pattern blocks polygon. The TI-73 is used to organize and graph categorical and numerical data, convert data to a common unit and collect measures of central tendencies on pattern blocks.

Before the Activity

Students are asked to build a polygon design using 24 to 48 blocks of their choice. When students have finished building a polygon, they will transfer the design to the student worksheet. Instruct the students to place the center block of their polygon in the center of the worksheet page and trace around the block. Students can continue to build off the center block by placing, tracing and coloring their blocks until the entire polygon design has been recreated on the worksheet. Students will not need pattern blocks for the remaining portion of this lesson.

During the Activity

"The Document" is on pages 2 to 4 of the attached file.

After the Activity

Worksheets for students and teacher are provided in the attached document above.