Education Technology

Quadratics: Exploring Quadratic Inequalities

Activity Overview

In this interactive document, students explore the properties of quadratic inequalities, both graphically and algebraically. In the first activity, they move a point into the solution region and observe the shading for different random inequalities. In the second more challenging activity, they must enter the solution set as an inequality and then see the resulting shaded region displayed. This activity is written using Lua.

Before the Activity

Students should have some experience of the method of completing the square for solving quadratic equations. Some work on solving by factoring may also be suitable.

During the Activity

It is recommended that the teacher first demonstrate the steps involved in working through each part of the activity, and then allow students to continue at their own pace for as long as desired, either individually or in small groups.

After the Activity

Students should continue with further work on solving quadratics and explore applications, such as graphical transformations.