Education Technology

Discovering Properties of Parallelograms, Kites and Trapazoids using Voyage 200

Activity Overview

This activity allows the teacher to cover the properties of a parallelogram, rectangle, rhombus, square, kite, and trapezoid in two days (90 min. block scheduling) using a group setting. Students discover these properties using the Cabri APP on the Voyage 200.

Before the Activity

I use this activity in a group setting. I organize the groups (usually 4 per group), give directions that they are to work as a team with each team member working on the same questions at all times, filling in the blanks on the worksheet, answering questions, and making conjectures.

Students should have knowledge of the Cabri™ APP on the Voyage 200.

During the Activity

I am circulating to ensure that all members are on task, communicating mathematically, constructing, facilitating, guiding when necessary, and assessing their understanding of the objective. I serve as a "guide on the side".

I try to encourage them to communicate with each other without my input as much as possible.

After the Activity

I close the activity by going over all correct answers to the worksheet.

I assign problems each day to assess their understanding of the special types of quadrilaterals.

Students work various types of problems presented on the overhead, making sure that they are able to apply what they have learned.