Education Technology

Linear Functions using the CBL 2™

Activity Overview

Students will generate data on the CBL 2™ to represent a linear function.
They will investigate the slope of a direct variation.
Then they will use different starting points to represent y intercept.

Before the Activity

Connect calculator to the CBL 2™ and attach motion sensor to the CBL 2™.
Mark off tape on the floor at intervals of 1, 2, 3, 4 meters in front of your motion senor.

During the Activity

Have students start directly in front of the motion sensor and walk at a constant rate away from the sensor.
Turn on the calculator and start datamate. Press clear to reset the data.
When you are ready to collect the data, select start from the main screen.
Have the student walk away from the sensor at a slow and steady pace.
You will have 5 seconds to collect data.
Press enter to display the distance versus time graph.

After the Activity

Have students complete the worksheet