Education Technology

Overdue Fines

Activity Overview

Students learn to solve a real-world problem comparing overdue fines at different libraries.

After the Activity

Students will explore the following concepts in this activity:

  • multiplication
  • problem solving

About the Lesson

To introduce the activity,  read the poem “Overdues” by Shel Silverstein to students. Discuss overdue fines with them and how they are calculated per day. Distribute the student activity sheet and have students read the details around the problem they will be solving.

 The Problem: How much would overdue fines be in different cities?

Review the four problem solving steps with students:

  • Understanding the problem
  • Making a plan
  • Carrying out the plan
  • Evaluating the solution
Students will present their information and create a poster showing the amount of overdue fines various libraries charge a borrower for overdue books. Students will also use their TI-15 calculator to solve  problems based on simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.