Education Technology

Activity Center Golf Course

Activity Overview

There are nine activity settings. Each one is a different hole of golf. Each setting contains a background photograph of a golf course with a white ball and a hole with a numbered flag coming out of it. Students must submit the equation of the line that connects the golf ball to the hole. The correct equations all have integer y-intercepts but many have slopes that are not integers. The teacher can change display and other options to emphasize different skills throughout the "course".

Before the Activity

The teacher notes file explains all activity setting defaults.

During the Activity

When changing from one hole to the next, be sure to clear the activity data BEFORE you load the next activity setting. If you do not, you will need to erase the new ball and hole location points along with the old equations. The setting would have to be re-loaded to get those points back for viewing on screen or on the student calculators.

After the Activity

All nine holes add up to more than the allowed 5MB so I am putting the last activity setting here.