Education Technology

Meet my friend the calculator

Activity Overview

This activity/lesson introduces the students to calculators and how to use them to find numbers 1 - 20.

Before the Activity

On the rug the teacher will show the students the calculator (number keys) and tell them what a calculator is used for.

Pass it around so that the students will be introduced to the calculator.

Show the students how to enter numbers into the calculator.

Explain to students that calculators delicate and ask them how they think they should be handled.

Listen for responses and explain why.

During the Activity

The students will work in pairs.

Before leaving the rug distribute one calculator to each pair of students.

Have children work with a partner. Partner 1 says a number, from 1 - 20 and writes it down.

Partner 2 enters the number into the calculator.

Partner 1 compares the display to the written number on the paper and says whether the display and written number agree.

If not, Partner 2 corrects the display and then clears it.

Students' switch roles and repeat the activity.

During this activity the teacher should walk around the room to check to see if students are able to carryout this activity correctly.

After the Activity

Call students to the rug, ask the students what they thought about this activity and how did they like using these "new machines"

Invite a few students to practice this activity with everyone on the rug.