Education Technology

Reviewing Piecewise Functions

Activity Overview

Teachers will use this activity as a review (or mini-quiz) after covering piecewise functions in their classes. It is assumed that students and teacher have experience with piecewise functions, the TI-Nspire, and the TI-Nspire Navigator before completing this lesson.

Before the Activity

Teacher will review piecewise functions with the students.

During the Activity

Students will go through the activity, attempting to duplicate the graphs of piecewise functions shown in problems 2-4.

  • The piecewise graph is shown for the students on page X.2 of each problem.
  • The students are asked to duplicate the graphs on page X.4 of each problem.
  • On page X.6, the students can copy and paste their function from f1(x) to this open response question.

  • Then teachers can collect and analyze and/or display the results to the class.

    After the Activity

    Note to the teacher: The actual function graphed is stored in f37(x) on each of problems 2-4. In addition to collecting the open response answers from the students (their functions), the teacher can make use of the Screen Capture and/or Make Presenter features of the TI-Nspire Navigator to assess student understanding.