Education Technology

Linear Algebra Made Easy - Trial Edition

Activity Overview

In Linear Algebra Made Easy - Trial Edition, students will use TI-Nspire™ technology to explore common Linear Algebra problems utilizing step-by-step processes.


  • Cramer's Rule
  •  Matrix Exploration: Rank, Determinant, Inverse, Trace, Norm, Symmetry, Transposed
  • Row Echelon Form 
  • Eigenvalues
  • Square Root of Matrix
  • Cross Product of  Vectors

About the Lesson

In "Linear Algebra Made Easy- Trial Version", there are four different activities for students to explore.  

To access the different activities within the TNS file, from the title screen, MENU >

  • Applications> (3) Cramer Rule to Solve a System of Equations: Learn how to solve any linear system using Cramers Rule, plug in the matrices in the boxes and view the steps to find its solution below.
  • Matrix1 > (2) All in One Matrix Analyzer- Quickly see and analyze the properties of any matrix .
  • Matrix2:  (1) Row Echelon Form  : Learn Step by Step how to perform the Row Echelon Form.
  •  Matrix2: (4) Eigenvalues: Learn Step by Step how to find the Eigenvalues of any square matrix.  
  • Applications > (B) Find Step by Step the Square Root of a Matrix.
  • Vectors > (A) Find Step by Step the Cross Products of two 3D vectors.


 Note that all items with a check-mark next to it are functional in this trial version, so there are more activities available in the file to preview then those listed above. For more information on purchasing the full version, visit SMARTSOFT.