Education Technology

Gettin' Linear: Phase 1

Activity Overview

Designed for beginning Algebra and Pre-Algebra students to introduce the concepts of slope and y-intercepts, this activity has students try to match a given line by typing in the equation. In the process, they will build their understanding of the meanings of slope and y-intercept, and writing equations in slope-intercept form. Using Activity Center, students try to write an equation that matches a given line.

Before the Activity

Prerequisite skills: Students should understand how to graph a function on the coordinate plane from an input-output table and know that the graph of a linear function is a line.

During the Activity

In this TI-Navigator Activity Center activity, students will determine the equation of a line, given the graph of the line. See the attached .pdf file for complete instructions and the attached .act file for the Activity Center settings.

After the Activity

Try the related activities, Gettin' Linear: Phase 2 in which students determine the slope of a line.