Education Technology

Soda Problem: Finding the relationship between Sodium and Sugar

Activity Overview

The students will use nutrition label data of certain sodas to create and analyze a scatterplot of the amount of sodium versus the amount of sugar in various soft drinks. They will put the data into lists, create scatterplots, discuss correlations, acquire the line of best fit, and predict other outcomes using this data.

Before the Activity

Prior to the activity, the teacher should download the .tns file and load it on each students' calculator. Each student will need a worksheet for recording their answers.

During the Activity

During the activity, the students should use the data found from the nutrition labels of various drinks to create lists. The students will follow the instructions on the calculator notes page and create a scatterplot of the given data.

Determine if there is a correlation between the sodium and sugar in the drink. Then the student will use the calculator to determine the line of best fit. Have the calculator graph that line and then make predictions on other drinks that were not part of the original data set.

After the Activity

When the activity is over, the students could discuss what they found and the connection to the new health regulations schools are imposing.