Education Technology


Activity Overview

Students use an animated diagram of a magnetic field and a coil. Students rotate the coil and determine the number of magnetic field lines passing through the coil at a given angle. Students graph the relationship and then consider the rate of change of the magnetic field.

Key Steps

  • Image

    Students should open the TNS file and read the first two pages. Page 1.3 shows a coil (thick, solid line) that can rotate in a magnetic field (vectors). The angle of the coil is shown at the top of the page. 

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    Page 1.5 is a graph of mag vs. theta for the data the students collected in step 1. Students should examine the plot and then answer questions 1–4.

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    Next, students should read page 2.1 and then move to page 2.2. Page 2.2 shows an animation of a rotating coil, together with a graph of magnetic flux vs. angle. Students should study the animation and then answer questions 5 and 6.