Education Technology

Barometric Pressure - Simulated Data Analysis

Activity Overview

In this lesson, students will use a simulation to collect data points through Hurricane Katrina, save the data in a spreadsheet and then analyze the data.


  • Students will examine changes in barometric pressure during a hurricane.
  • Students will examine the relationship between barometric pressure and distance from the eye of the hurricane.


  • barometric pressure
  • low pressure
  • high pressure

About the Lesson

This lesson is a simulation of barometric pressure measured across different points in relation to Hurricane Katrina. This provides an opportunity for students to gather data and explore parts of a hurricane and how barometric pressure changes in relation to the hurricane.

As a result, students will:

  • Measure the distance of the eye of Hurricane Katrina from the coast and measure the diameter of the hurricane.
  • Collect data on barometric pressure across different points of an aerial view of Hurricane Katrina.
  • Use collected data to classify Hurricane Katrina on the Saffir/Simpson Hurricane Scale.