Education Technology

Would you like Fries with that?

Activity Overview

I use French fries from our cafeteria to do data analysis.
The students count the number of fries in a single serving of fries along with weighing the order.
Then measure the length and weight of a sample of individual fries.
We use the TI-Navigator™ system to collect the data from the students and redistribute the augmented lists back to the class.
Students then analyze the data to decide what a typical order of fries and a typical fry looks like.
The students then get to eat their fries.

Before the Activity

Students will have studied the methods used to do single variable analysis prior to this lesson.
Please see attached detailed lesson plan for more information on this lesson.

During the Activity

Please see detailed plan for more information.

After the Activity

This lesson is one of the first big statistical projects my students will do.
It invokes a lot of classroom discussion about methods used, outliers, etc.
You will need to be prepared for a large discussion from your students.
Please read the attached project desciption for more information on the followup to this lesson.