Education Technology

Exploring Exponential Functions

Activity Overview

Students will experiment with different base numbers for exponential functions and make observations of their findings.

Before the Activity

Configure the Activity Center to allow students to send in one equation, let students view graphs of equations,send current graph as background, and mark empty equations.

During the Activity

Students must be logged on and in the Actvity Center of the Navigator. Assign each student a different base number value for an exponential function; make sure the values are greater than 1. Start the Actvity Center and ask students to send in the exponential function using their assigned base value. When teacher has received all students' functions, stop the activity. Select the option to show student names. Ask students which graphs are steeper and discuss why. Choose "Graphs and Equations" option from the tool bar in Activty Center. Compare graphs and equations to help students realize how the base number of the functions affect the steepness of the graphs.

After the Activity

Teacher could repeat this actvity with base numbers less than 1.