Education Technology

Using the CBL 2 & TI-Navigator to model Sinusoidal Data

Activity Overview

The teacher will use the CBL 2™ and attached probes to generate sinusoidal data. Using TI-Navigator™, the teacher will send the data to the students, and the students will try to find a sine curve to model the given data.

Before the Activity

The teacher should practice using the attached probes prior to the start of class.

During the Activity

Using both the gas pressure sensor and the respiration monitor belt, generate a set of sinusoidal data which models the teachers breathing (pressure on belt due to lung expansion/contraction).
Once this data is gathered, use TI-Navigator to send it to the students. The students will use Transformation Graphing to model an equation of the form y=Asin(B(x-C))+D based on their knowledge of trigonometric graphs and function transformations.

After the Activity

The activity can be extended within TI-Navigator's Activity Center...have the scatter plot of the teacher's data displayed on the graph.
Have the students submit what they feel to be the best model for the data and watch the class compete to see whose model was closest!