Education Technology

Skills of Science - Creating Lab Reports

Activity Overview

In this lesson, students see how to use PublishViewTM to create lab reports using the TI-Nspire computer software.

About the Lesson

  • This lesson shows how students can use PublishViewTM to create lab reports using the computer software. (Note that PublishView or .tnsp documents cannot be created or viewed on the handheld).
  • Students can create documents that include formatted text, embedded TI-Nspire applications, images, hyperlinks, links to videos, and embedded videos in a format that is suitable for printing on a standard piece of paper, for publishing to a web site or blog, or for use as an interactive worksheet.
  • Students can create reports or projects containing data playback, curve fits, pictures, and video—all on the same sheet.
  • Students can print and turn in assignments on a standard piece of paper.