Education Technology

Cutting Corners

Activity Overview

Students' will continue to develop the idea of quadratic equations and parabolas.

Before the Activity

This activity is used to build on existing knowledge of quadratics.
The day before the working on the activity, send the students home with the first page of the attached assignment and ask them to make a box out of a 15 X 20 grid paper. assign each student a specific sized cutout.

During the Activity

When the students return the next day with their boxes. Have them submit their information in the activity center of TI-Navigator™ as lists.
L1 is the size of the cutout and L2 is the surface area of the box sides. When all data have been submitted, the points should form a parabola.
Send this list back to the students through TI-Navigator so that they have the complete list of information.
From there have the students finish the worksheet using the class set of data collected.

After the Activity

Once the students have finished their worksheets. Have them submit the correct equation of the parabola in activity center of navigator.
If they are correct the parabola will pas through all points previously submitted.