Education Technology

Linear Regression

Activity Overview

Students begin by generating a scatter plot from a set of data. In the next part, they must use an existing set of data to generate a scatter plot and then use the data analysis to find the linear regression equation and the r value. Keystrokes are listed in the student worksheet and are relatively simple.

Before the Activity

Load the 1.5 LinearRegression.tns file onto all of the student handhelds. Students should be able to use the student worksheet and progress through the activity at their own rate. Teachers need to have discussed scatter plot, least-squares line, and r value.

During the Activity

Students should use the student worksheet to move at their own pace through the activity. They will be required to insert a page, create a scatter plot, use linear regression to find the equation of the line, and find the r value. Keystrokes are given on the student page.

After the Activity

You will need to discuss the meaning of the r value they obtained in the activity.