Education Technology

Match the Graph (circles)

Activity Overview

Students will learn about the equation for a circle by using a Study Cards stack. Later, students will attempt to match the graph of a circle from a digital picture, using the form learned previously, and approximating the center and radius of the graph.

Before the Activity

The teacher may choose to do some follow-up work with students after the StudyCards™ activity is assigned.
The StudyCards can be used as homework the night before the lesson. Some practice problems with circles at center (0,0) could be done first.

During the Activity

Once the students are ready, load up the photo into the Activity Center of your TI-Navigator™ and play "Match the Graph"!! Remember, you can move the axes around and change the problem a little bit each time you play.
Have the girls do the right tire and the boys do the left tire. Use the floating cursor to give them an approximate center.
Make it a race to see who can get the closest the fastest, or make the students go one at a time and discuss (whisper) how to improve their next attempt.
Have the Activity settings on submit one equation, rather than allow to resubmit. Be creative!

After the Activity

After the activity, you can simply quiz the students with pencil and paper, or give them a LearningCheck™ via TI-Navigator (not included).
Take a screen shot of the bicycle and print it out for the students with different axes settings or scales, and use that for the quiz.
Select a different picture for them to use this time. Assign a project at home on the internet or with their own digital camera. This lesson can really be fun!