Education Technology

Triangle Congruency by SSS and Properties of Isosceles Triangles

Published on 05/04/2009

Activity Overview

The goal of this activity is to deepen students' understanding of the properties of isosceles triangles, deductive reasoning, and coordinate geometry.

At the end of a 90 minutes class, students should be able to:

  1. Calculate the midpoint, distance, perimeter, area, and slope by using the TI-Nspire calculator;
  2. Solve real world problems by applying their understanding of isosceles triangles, coordinate geometry, and deductive reasoning;
  3. Complete the group activity collaboratively.

Before the Activity

Load Isosceles2.tns file onto all the students' handhelds. The activity consists of a problem designed to be teacher directed with time for students to investigate and record their observations.

During the Activity

See directions in the attached teacher document.