Education Technology

Evaluating a Function Rule

Activity Overview

Students will evaluate functions using assigned values for one variable.

Before the Activity

Assign each student a different integer. For example, if you have 20 students in your class, you could assign values from -10 to +10.

Start Navigator and go to Activity Center. Adjust the "x min" and "x max" values under "Edit >> Edit Window Settings" if you need to accomodate your class size. Students will be Contributing "Points" which you should Configure to "0."

Under "View," choose "Individualize Student Cursors."

During the Activity

Start the Activity and tell students to line up on the x-axis according to their assigned integer value. Once they're lined up, <> the activity so there's no further movement. The students will evaluate the following functions (some samples are attached) using their assigned integer value. When you <> the activity they will move their cursor up or down to the appropriate y-coordinate.

<> the activity. Click on the "Graph-Equation" tab and input the function rule to verify correct answers. (The line or curve will go through the correct points.)