Education Technology

Multiple Representations for Multiple Intelligences

Activity Overview

This activity is designed to assess student readiness for advanced algebraic concepts and higher-order thinking processes.

It utilizes a variety of questioning strategies ranging from assessing knowledge of basic facts to more critical thinking required in analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating.

The major goal is to help develop questioning skills. Questions focus on Bloom's Taxonomy and facilitate checking for understanding with a push to challenge all students to think more analytically.

Before the Activity

The teacher will discuss ways that students learn and the types of questioning strategies used in Bloom's Taxonomy. Students will be asked to design an assessment for a previously taught concept using Bloom's Taxonomy.

During the Activity

Students will use the LearningCheck™ assignment/assessment. The teacher will allow time for students to engage in various problems in the assessment and use the Screen Capture to generate discussions as well as check for student understanding. Student graphs, tables, equations, and explanations will be discussed and analyzed in detail. Students are also expected to reproduce their responses on paper.

After the Activity

Teacher will evaluate students based on their participation and their responses.