Education Technology

TI-Navigator and Geometry: Transformations

Activity Overview

In this activity, students will use the graphing calculator with the TI-Navigator System to explore transformations and how they affect x- and y-coordinate values.

Before the Activity

Start Class in TI-Navigator. Start Activity Center. Load TransformationsActivity.act activity settings. Pass out student worksheet. Have students log in to NavNet and enter Activity Center.

During the Activity

Students will start by forming the letter F in the first quadrant of the coordinate plane displayed in Activity Center. The teacher will prompt students to manipulate x- and y-coordinate values to explore transformations. Students will record observations and predictions on a worksheet. See attached file for instructions and student worksheet.

After the Activity

Discuss observations. Part 1 of the activity explores Reflections. To extend the activity, teacher instructions and student worksheets for Part 2: Rotations and Part 3: Translations are attached.