Education Technology

Going Into Business

Activity Overview

Students will work through a scenario of a business venture involving washing dogs.

Key Steps

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    The Dirty Dog Salon is your student’s first business endeavor. Students will use the information given to calculate the price per dog wash based on the shampoo cost and determine an expression for the cost function. They will then decide what might be a reasonable price to charge customers.

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    The graph of the two cost and income-related functions reveals the solution for the break-even point. Students will be asked to interpret this ordered pair for understanding of the concept. Students are asked to change the charge per dog wash to $4 to see how the coordinates of the break-even point change.

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    The Table feature allows students to calculate both the costs and the income for different numbers of dogs washed. They should be able to visualize when a profit will take place. Students will then add a profit equation to the table using the previous equations entered for income and cost.