Education Technology

Classifying Quadrialterals

Activity Overview

In this activity, students will classify quadrilaterals graphed on the Cartesian coordinate plane. Students will justify their classifications with segment and angle measurements as well as slope measurements. A review of the hierarchy of quadrilaterals is at the beginning of the document.

Before the Activity

This activity can be used as a review of a quadrilateral unit or pieces of it can be used to teach throughout a quadrilateral unit. Another use of the document is to assign problems to different small groups and have each small group present to the class. Students can then record the group findings on the student worksheet.

During the Activity

This document is a self-check. That means when there is a question page, students can press menu to check answers. If this is the first time students have had this option in an Nspire document, you may want to have groups check with the teacher at the end of a completed problem and then the teacher can show the students how to check their answers. The check does not provide any justifications.

After the Activity

The teacher should check the students' justifications to make sure they are complete. Students could also compare justifications to see the different ways of looking at the quadrilaterals. Follow up questions comparing what is necessary to classify a quadrilateral and all the charcteristics that are known about a quadrilateral could be a concluding discussion.