Education Technology

MATH TODAY Challenge - Paying College Tuition

Activity Overview

Students write exponential equations based on the percent of increase of college costs and will graph and interpret these equations. Students use an inflationary equation to project costs using another factor which affects future expenditures.

Before the Activity

If you are using the TI-Navigator System™ with the TI-73 Explorer™ you will need the attached .pdf file.
See the attached Teacher Edition PDF file for notes and guidelines for this activity. The Technology Guide PDF file includes step-by-step calculator instructions with screen shots.

If you are using the TI-Navigator™ Classroom Learning System, see the TI-Navigator Basic Skills Guide PDF file for information on how the system can be integrated into your activity.

During the Activity

Students will:

  • Calculate the percent of change.
  • Write exponential equations in the form y = a(b)x, given a and b.
  • Use the exponential equations to do analysis and make predictions.
  • Graph exponential functions.

  • Directions:
  • Distribute the Student Edition PDF file to your class.
  • Follow the activity procedures outlined in the student document.
  • After the Activity

    Distribute the assessment questions or send the attached LearningCheck™ assessment to your class to gauge student understanding of the concepts presented in the activity.