Education Technology

"Try"-angles and Systems of Equations

Activity Overview

In this activity, students will work in two groups to create triangles that meet certain criteria in order to form linear patterns where the two groups' "lines of triangles" intersect. Students will complete a LearningCheck warm-up before the activity to ensure that they have the necessary prerequisite skills.

Before the Activity

Before this activity, students should complete the LearningCheck™ warm-up to determine the prerequisite skills students may be lacking. During the activity, students will use TI keyboards, the TI-84, and the TI-Navigator.

During the Activity

During the activity, students will be using Notefolio to record their responses to questions asked during the activity. (It is necessary that the students be comfortable toggling between the Notefolio application and the Activity Center in Navigator™). I have included a Power Point presentation that explains how the activity can be done with students. The presentation is specific to educators in Georgia who use the opening, work session, and closing aspects of a lesson in their classrooms.

After the Activity

After the activity, students should complete the LearningCheck™ cool down to determine their level of understanding.