Education Technology

The Candy Caper

Activity Overview

In this activity students learn to use estimation to determine the number of candies in various size cylinders. They compare estimated numbers to actual numbers and investigate the relationship between the two numbers.

Before the Activity

  • Link calculators using TI Connect™, a TI Connectivity Cable, and the Unit-to-Unit Link Cable
  • See the attached PDF file for detailed instructions for this activity
  • Print pages 1 - 7 from the attached PDF file for your class
  • During the Activity

    Distribute the pages to the class.

    Follow the Activity procedures:

  • Estimate the number of candies in each vial
  • Count the actual number of candies in each vial
  • Enter the data of the estimated value and the actual value of candies for each vial
  • Find the difference between estimated and actual numbers of candies for each vial
  • Calculate the mean of the diference between actual and exact numbers and determine the average number by which the estimate was off
  • Find the percentage by which estimate was off for each vial and find the mean of this data
  • Enter the averages of the number by which the estimate was off for the entire class
  • Sort them in ascending order
  • Find the mean, median and mode for the averages
  • Set up a statistics plot and create a box-and-wiskers plot
  • Compare the estimated numbers to the actual numbers using a scatter plot
  • Manually fit the data to a straight line and find the equation of the line
  • Compare the plots of the lowest average value and the highest average value
  • After the Activity

    Students will complete the Worksheet and analyze the results.

    Review student results:

  • As a class, discuss questions that appeared to be more challenging
  • Re-teach concepts as necessary