Education Technology

SMILE Mathematics App

Activity Overview

This App contains five games that reinforce skills from the number and operations, geometry, and measurement standards. These games help students build skills in ordering numbers, choosing equivalent fractions, estimating and drawing angles, and choosing coordinates.

Before the Activity

  • See the attached PDF file for detailed instructions for this activity
  • During the Activity

    Follow the Activity procedures:


  • Select the operation
  • Carry out the operation and find the correct answer
  • Check scores

  • Box:
  • Identify players
  • Set the number range
  • Place the number on the screen correctly in one of the nine ordered boxes
  • Check scores

  • Matching Fractions:
  • Search through four sets of fractions to find equivalent fractions

  • Angle :
  • Understand the size of various angles
  • Play the estimation game

  • Rhino:
  • Input coordinates to search for a lost rhino
  • Find the rhino with the fewest guesses
  • After the Activity

  • Discuss difficult concepts