Education Technology

Count and Crunch

Activity Overview

Students will collect data and display it on a bar graph. Data will be recorded in fraction and percent form. The "Quick Poll" feature will be used in part of the data collecting.
I do this activity on Valentine's Day because we use the "Conversation Hearts" candy in the data collection. However, this activity can be done anytime--just use different candy and make necessary changes to the worksheet.

Before the Activity

The teacher needs to purchase a package of individual packs of "Conversation Hearts" candy. Make note of the cost and how many packs are in the package.
Make one copy of the attached worksheet for each student.

During the Activity

1. Students are to complete the "Prediction" column for questions 1-9.
2. They will fill in the "Prediction" row in the "Heart Data Table."
3. Then the students can open their packages and count the number of hearts. Fill in the actual part of both tables.

4. To find out what the class favorite color is, send a quick poll--open response. Write on the board:
1 = white
2 = orange
3 = pink
4 = purple
5 = yellow
6 = green
Ask the students to "mark their answer" by sending in the number of their favorite color.

5. The students should design a double bar graph to display their results: "Prediction" vs. "Actual."

After the Activity

Eat the candy!