Education Technology

Practice with Chemical Word Equations

Activity Overview

In this activity, students will learn about chemical word equations: what they are, how they are written and key terms (i.e., reactants and products) associated with word equations.

Before the Activity

Students should be familiar with how to: log in to the TI-Navigator system and access LearningCheck documents. Students should also be familiar with the concept of chemical reactions.

During the Activity

The instructor should explain the concept of chemical reactions. These reactions can be written both as chemical equations and word equations. At this level, we will focus on word equations. Students need to be taught the difference between reactants and products and where they are each found in a chemical word equation. Once students are familiar with this information, the instructor should send out the LearnCheck Practice Questions using TI-Navigator. Students should work through the questions and then the teacher should collect the file from the students. Use the slide show component of Class Analysis to share and discuss answers to the LearningCheck Practice Questions.

After the Activity

Retention of knowledge should be checked during the following classes. Quick Poll could be used very effectively to check this information.