Education Technology

Expanding -- Using CAS

Activity Overview

This is a group work activity that allows students to use the CAS capabilities of the TI-Nspire to explore patterns emerging from the product of two binomials.

Before the Activity

This activity allows for the class to be divided into six groups. The teacher provides each group with a TI-Nspire Expanding Instruction Card, an overhead copy of the worksheet and an overhead marker.

Each student in the group will be provided with an overall summary sheet and one of six different expanding worksheets.

During the Activity

Each group will work together to complete their activity sheet. One person in the group transfers their findings onto the overhead sheet and one person should be ready to present their findings to the class. As groups present each student will record the results on their own summary sheet.

After the Activity

The teacher chooses the group with Worksheet #1 to present their findings. As the group presents all students listen, ask questions and record examples on the Expanding Summary Sheet.

This process is repeated with the other 5 worksheets.

This activity could be spread over two days. Worksheet #1-3 could be reported on during the first class and then students would have an opportunity to practice before the next day when they would explore special cases of the product of two binomials (worksheets #4-6).