Education Technology

Patterns in Counting

Activity Overview

Students learn to count in multiples of numbers using concrete objects and a calculator. They also connect number symbols to quantities, and look for patterns in the number symbols.


Students will explore the following concepts in this activity:

  • Patterns
  • Ordering numbers
  • Whole numbers
  • Place value
  • Comparing numbers
  • Addition

About the Lesson

To introduce the activity, read 1 Hunter, One Gorilla, or Rooster’s Off to See the World to students to reinforce the pattern of “one more.” Ask students to hold 10 beans in one hand, and estimate the number they think they can hold in one hand.
Have each student grab one handful of beans (cubes) from a bag and place them beside their activity sheet. 

Next, have students count their beans (cubes) by placing them one at a time on the grid and using their calculator to display the symbol on the calculator for the number of beans. Students will observe the connection between number symbols and quantities and look for patterns in the number symbols.